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NEUF Panasonic Leica DG...
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Prix 12 000,00 MAD

··      Experience a Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds camera lens design with a significant 

·      reduction in size and weight; Up to two thirds smaller and one fifth the weight 

·      of comparable DSLR 35 millimeter long zoom lenses 

·       100 to 400 millimeter F/4.0-6.3 LEICA VARIO ELMAR high performance lens for 

·      nature photography (200 to 800 millimeter 35 millimeter camera lens equivalent)

·      Closest Focusing Distance : FULL:1.3 meter /4.27 feet, LIMIT:5.0 meter/16.4 feet, 

·      Maximum magnification : Approx. 0.25x / 0.5x (35 millimeter camera equivalent) 


Panasonic Lumix Leica DG...
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Prix 8 800,00 MAD

·       10-25mm (35mm camera equivalent 20 50mm) 

·       Maximum Aperture F1.7 Aperture; Minimum Aperture F15 

·       Closest Focusing Distance 0.28m/ 0.92ft 

·       Maximum Magnification; Approx. 0.14x/ 0.28x (35mm camera equivalent) 

         Dust and Splash Resistant.Mount; Micro Four Thirds mount

Panasonic LUMIX G Leica DG...
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Prix 5 500,00 MAD

        Diagonal Angle of View: 84°.12mm F14 LEICA SUMMILUX 

·       high-performance wide angle lens for group, event, and nature

·       photography (24mm 35mm camera lens equivalent) 

·      Indoor shooting in low lighting produces a natural

·       defocusing effect with its F14 high speed aperture 

·      Ideally suited for the outdoors with a splash and 

·      dustproof sealed body (When combined with splash 

·      and dustproof LUMIX G Mirrorless camera models)Suppresses

·      “sagittal flair” that occurs in some ultra wide-angle lenses at 

·      wide-aperture settings 

·      Weight:115 gm,Closest Focusing Distance - 020m / 066 fee

Panasonic LUMIX G MACRO...
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Prix 2 200,00 MAD

Lens Type Macro Prime.  Focal length (mm) 30
Max aperture - wide 2.8. Minimum aperture 22
Minimum focus distance (m) 0.1 .Image stabilisation MEGA OIS
Sensor format Micro Four Thirds . Lens mount Micro Four Thirds
Lens elements 9 . Lens groups 9 . Aperture blades 7
Filter thread (mm) 46
Angle of View 40 degrees

Panasonic Leica DG...
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Prix 4 800,00 MAD

Panasonic LUMIX Professional 8-18mm Camera Lens, G LEICA DG VARIO-ELMARIT,

 F2.8-4.0 ASPH, Mirrorless Micro Four Third

WIDE ANGLE ZOOM LENS: A 73.4 millimeter.225x optical wide angle zoom

 8 to 18 millimeter focal length lens with F2.8 4.0 ASPH (67 millimeter lens filter threads) 

delivers intricate details elusive in other lenses, particularly when shooting in low light or 

adverse conditions 

RUGGED HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGN: Durable metal body camera lens braves the

 elements in nearly any kind of weather or shooting location (Splashproof / Dustproof / 


MEKE 3.5mm f2.8 220 Degree...
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Prix 1 500,00 MAD



Lens Type


Compatible Mountings

Micro Four Thirds

Camera Lens Description


Maximum Focal Length

3.5 months

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