NEUF Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm f/4-6.3

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Références spécifiques

··      Experience a Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds camera lens design with a significant 

·      reduction in size and weight; Up to two thirds smaller and one fifth the weight 

·      of comparable DSLR 35 millimeter long zoom lenses 

·       100 to 400 millimeter F/4.0-6.3 LEICA VARIO ELMAR high performance lens for 

·      nature photography (200 to 800 millimeter 35 millimeter camera lens equivalent)

·      Closest Focusing Distance : FULL:1.3 meter /4.27 feet, LIMIT:5.0 meter/16.4 feet, 

·      Maximum magnification : Approx. 0.25x / 0.5x (35 millimeter camera equivalent) 


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